Above: photos from my recent trip to the Sharjah Children's Reading Festival, where I ran a story making workshop... (images ©SCRF)

 Author Visits and Events...

For school visits, writing / illustration workshops, author events, and literary festivals - look no further! I am available for a range of different events, including a variety of different workshops, and activities, Q&As and readings...

 Readings - I'll share my stories in a fun and interactive way, with plenty of input from the audience. Currently there are four stories to choose from, each with a completely different look and feel and each allowing for lots of silly voices and possibly even some stomping and bouncing and definitely some twit-twooing... Usually, we'll focus on just one story... but all four could be read, if time allows!

Writing Workshops - We'll ask What makes a story? We'll talk about titles and characters and settings, and how important they are. And we'll use my 'secret story recipe' to create some ideas of our own. Perhaps we could have a go at some poetry too?

Illustration Workshops - We'll look at different ways to approach a drawing and how sometimes even the trickiest things to draw can be made with just a few easy shapes. We'll make our own creature using this method. 

My Story - I'll share a little bit about me, answering such things as... How I came to want to be a writer and illustrator; How many years it took me to make my dream come true; Where I get my ideas from; and just how many biscuits I can eat in a day. 

Q&A - I'll be happy to answer all your book shaped questions!

For more information on my fees and to arrange an author event, please email me at hello@karlnewson.com




I'd be happy to shape my visit around a topic you might be studying, or a theme of the day, or come prepared to talk about a specific subject. I'll share my hints and tips and get everyone involved in making something - be it a story, a drawing, a poem... a splendid time is guaranteed for all!

My events can be just me talking and reading and drawing, but I think it's much more fun to get everyone involved; making silly noises and acting out scenes - making the event unique and of everyone's creation. 

Events can run for a full day, a half day, or an evening - whichever set-up best suits you will work for me, too.

There are several book based activity sheets that can be handed out on the day (or sent over beforehand) which allow for an extra bit of doodling and some colouring in practice. 

Delivery of my books to sell on the day or by pre-order should be easy to arrange, either through a local bookshop, or through the publishers themselves - I will happily look into this for you. And of course, I'd be happy to sign all books sold!

I'm based in East London, but I’m happy to travel, of course! 

World Book Day (week!) is a favourite time of year for visits, however, I am available throughout the year, of course!

For more information on my fees and to arrange an author event, please email me at hello@karlnewson.com

I look forward to hearing from you!


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