Fum is missing! Join the giant Crumb family as they travel through different fairy tales searching for the smallest Crumb.

Illustrated by Lucy Fleming

Published by Maverick on 28th March 2017 - click here to for the publishing page

'Fum is a fun lyrical tale of a giant family with a little problem, Fum is missing! Written by up-and-coming author Karl Newson and illustrated by the talented Lucy Fleming, Fum is an interactive story everyone can enjoy.'

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What a great photo' by Dilly and the Boo!

What a great photo' by Dilly and the Boo!


“an excellent addition to the library of any nursery or reception class and can be used as a starting point for all kinds of activities.”  The School Librarian

“A great story to share as a read aloud book, and great for spotting all your favourite fairy tale characters.” It's All About Stories

“There is a lot of opportunity to use the text in this book for role play with children, getting them to act out the different family members and characters, so an ideal book to use in schools, particularly for the traditional tales topic.” Book Monsters

“The reaction from the children was amazing, they took huge delight in shouting out where ‘Fum’ was hiding,  believing me when I said that, just like the Crumb family I couldn’t see him anywhere. I have never heard so much noise and laughter in the library it was a real joy to see.” Book Lover Jo

“We read this over and over and it never tired.” DILLY and the BOO 

“funny, bright and colourful a take on a classic rhyme: Fee Fi Fo Fum.” Armadillo Magazine

“It’s a good story for little ones moving on from board books to picture books as it’s very easy to follow and quick to read.” The Bookbag

“Satisfying stuff, delivered through Newson’s exuberant rhyming text… and Lucy Flemming’s funny pictorial rendition of the search” Red Reading Hub

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Fum featured on CBeebies ‘Bedtime Story’ read by Arthur Darvill, on 9th January 2019!

Behind the Book!

The idea for Fum came about as I was reading that typical giant's refrain FEE, FI, FO, FUM! in another book. It sounded to me that the giant could actually be calling out the names other giants - as if calling them in for their dinner - and my thought process from there, was as follows...  First of all, who are they? Well, Fee, Fi, Fo, and Fum sound like a family, so they must be the names of the giant's children... And, if their Pa was calling them in (or telling them off!) the obvious place to add a plot to this idea would be to make one of the giants NOT come in when called... a defiant little giant! But how would that work? A giant would be easy to see, to find, wouldn't they? Unless... the smallest one wasn't a giant yet... what if they were much, much smaller than a giant: human sized, even. That could add a bit of a twist to the tale? And that was it! The story became about a group of giants trying to find Fum - the smallest of their family... a game of hide and seek in a fairy tale land of familiar and classic characters.

Here are the very first notes I made for Fum, from September 2015, alongside some of Lucy Fleming's rough drawings of the characters and the layouts of the book. Lucy created all the fairy tale lands they search for Fum in, and added so much more to the story that I'd ever imagined! 

Int FumThumbs1.jpg
Fum Spread10sketch.jpg
Fum cover sketch1.jpg